How to Move Exchange 2007 Log Files on a CCR Cluster

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You cannot move the Exchange 2007 transaction logs to a different location while the CCR cluster is running. You must suspend the cluster, move the transaction log configuration *only* using EMS, and then resume the cluster.

Here are the detailed steps to do this:

  • First, create the folders for the new location of the Exchange transaction logs. For this example, L:\ExchangeLogs\SG1. Make sure to do this on both nodes.

  • Open the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and run the following commands:

Suspend-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "exchange1\First Storage Group" -SuspendComment "Moving transaction logs" -Confirm:$False

move-StorageGroupPath -Identity 'exchange1\First Storage Group' -LogFolderPath 'L:\ExchangeLogs\SG1' -SystemFolderPath 'L:\ExchangeLogs\SG1' -ConfigurationOnly

move [oldpath]\*.* [newpath]

Resume-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "exchange1\First Storage Group"

Where exchange1 is the name of your CCR cluster, First Storage Group is the name of the storage group logs you want to move, oldpath is the current path of the logs, and newpath is the new target path.

The first line suspends log shipping for the CCR cluster. The second line updates the Exchange configuration in Active Directory to use the new storage group path. The third line moves the existing log files from the old location to the new one. And finally, the fourth line resumes log shipping for the cluster.