TechEd 2009: Day Five. And so it ends...

Friday, May 15, 2009
The last day of Teched 2009. It always feels a little weird and sad to see things getting packed up and crated off.

I attended a pretty good session on VDI and Remote Desktop in Windows Server 2008 R2. Cracked me up when the presenter told us that RemoteApp uses "something technical called Forms Based Authentication" and at one point asked the audience if they were familiar with Computer Objects in Active Directory.

I then attended an awesome session on Windows Crash Dump Analysis, presented by David Solomon of SysInternals. This one was so cool, even Mark Russonivich attended it. Lots of good technical stuff.

After a brief lunch, it was off to LAX to grab my flight home. Luckily, I only have an hour and a half flight back. Unluckily, the flight is oversold and delayed. Looks like I'll be home after dark now.

The technical content of TechEd 2009 was excellent, as usual. Logistically, I'd have to say I like Orlando much better. The venue layout suits TechEd very well and they have larger rooms. I can only imagine how many more sessions would have been booked to capacity if attendance had been normal.

Pros: Great technical content (especially for Exchange 2010 and Windows 7),easy access to experts in the TLC, fewer people in attendance meant it was easier to navigate, and lots of great vendor and Microsoft product team parties.

Cons: Getting shut out of a couple of sessions, the LA Convention Center layout was weird and confusing, most of the escalators were broken or running the wrong way, and the epic fail of the "Jam on IT Party."

Of course the pros greatly outway the cons, and I'm really looking forward to TechEd 2010 in New Orleans next year. Put it on your calendar, the dates are June 7-11, 2010.