TechEd 2010 Bag and Pen Secrets Revealed!

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Exclusive here on Gizmodo The EXPTA {blog} - The hidden secrets of the TechEd pen and bag are revealed for the first time!!! Hopefully this will save you hours of frustration and may even SAVE YOUR LIFE.

First, the TechEd pen.  It's a pen.  It's a highlighter.  It's both!  But how do I access this highlighter, you ask.  Looking at the seemingly normal pen you will notice a small yellow button.  Press it and the end will pop out.

Now pull on the end that popped out, HARD.  You won't break it or anything.  Pretend it's a hand grenade - just don't lob the pen, you'll probably want to keep that.

Viola!  You may now highlight to your heart's content.

Now, onto the coveted TechEd bag.  I gotta say that I really like this year's bag.  It's sturdy, got lots of pockets, and it's a little more trim than most year's bags.  Great quality as usual, too.  I'm not sure how the neon green 1974 Jordache Jeans thing will look in a few years, but I like it.  I also like the cool aluminum water bottle they give this year (minus that pesky toxic materials warning of yesteryear).

Once you go through all your swag materials, take a close look at the bottom of the bag.  Here, you'll see a small Velcro opening.

This opening reveals the TechEd bag drag shoot!!!

You can use the drag shoot to slow you down as you run between the parties at this year's TechEd! 

Enjoy your conference and I hope to see you here in New Orleans!