Unable to logon to Lync Server Control Panel

Sunday, November 7, 2010
You may recieve an error when logging in to the Lync Server Control Panel for the first time from a computer or even the Lync server itself.

When you launch the Lync Server Control Panel Silverlight application from the Start menu or open https://lyncserver.domain.com/cscp in Internet Explorer, you must enter a username and password for an account that is a member of the CSAdministrator group in Active Directory.  You may then receive the following IIS error:
Unauthorized: Authorization failed.
The application cannot verify your credentials.
Verify your logon credentials and contact your support team.
This happens when the https://lyncserver.domain.com/cscp website is not in the computer's Trusted Sites zone.  Here's how to fix it:
  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Double-click the Security Options zone information at the bottom of the IE window:
  • This will open the Internet Security Properties window.  Click Trusted Sites and then the Sites button.
  • Click Add and Close to add the https://lyncserver.domain.com site to the Trusted Sites zone.

Now you will be able to access the Lync Server Control Panel from both Internet Explorer and the Silverlight application on that computer.