There's a New MCM in Town

Friday, October 21, 2011

I just learned this morning that I passed the qualification lab and I am now an Exchange Microsoft Certified Master!

I have the rare distinction of being both an Exchange MCM and MVP in an already rare group.  I can only think of two others worldwide.

This has been the most challenging, humbling, and intense experience I've ever had in my career.  If you are interested in entering this program, I strongly recommend it.  I’ll be happy to share information about the program that doesn’t violate my NDA.

It's great to work at a company that differentiates itself in the marketplace with highly qualified technology professionals. Our Microsoft practice has four MCMs on staff, three for Exchange (one double for OCS) and one for Lync. It stands to reason with all this experience you are in good hands with us.

Now to update my Outlook signature with some more alphabet soup...