MVP Global Summit 2012 and MEC is Back!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I returned from last week's MVP Global Summit 2012 and had a blast.  Microsoft really knows how to treat its MVPs, and had a lot of content lined up for us - unfortunately, none it can be shared with you due to NDA constraints.  :(

I can say that the Exchange team has been quite busy and was happy to share lots of new information with us.  I was pleased to attend breakout sessions with fellow MVPs and even a couple of fellow MCMs.  Tony Redmond, Paul Robichaux, Pat Richard, Jason Sherry, Mike Pfieffer, Tim Harrington and about 30 other MVPs were in attendance.  I'm happy to say that we all provided useful(?) feedback to the Exchange Team, who was also in attendance.

We also learned about a great surprise - MEC is Back!  Today we're able to let everyone know.  The Microsoft Exchange Conference had its beginnings in the late 1990's and ended in 2002.  It was THE Exchange conference and has deep roots in the community.   Michael Atalla, Director of Exchange Product Management, posted about the return of MEC over on the Exchange Team Blog.  Tony Redmond also wrote about missing MEC last year.  You can read his article on his blog, Thoughtsofanidlemind.

Be sure to visit MECisBack to register for more information!

Oh, and the coordinates on the MECisBack website?  They point to here.

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