How to Notify Users When an Email is Received by Another Mailbox

Thursday, July 9, 2015
You may want to notify a user or group whenever an email is received by another mailbox, without forwarding the original email. This might be useful if you have an unmanned Shared Mailbox in Exchange or Office 365, for example

You can achieve this with a Transport Rule.
  • In the Exchange Admin Center go to Mail Flow | Rules
  • Create a new rule:
    • Give the rule a name.
    • Click "More Options" to expose additional actions for the rule.
    • Choose "Apply this rule if..." + "The recipient..." + "is this person". Select the correct recipient.
    • Choose "Do the following..." + "Generate incident report and send it to...". Select the user or group to notify and include any optional message properties you want to include, such as Sender, Subject, etc.
    • Set "Match sender address in message:" to "Header or envelope"
    • Click Save
An incident report like the following will be sent for every email received by the selected recipient(s). For example:
From: Microsoft Outlook
Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2015 8:10 PM
To: Joe User
Subject: Test Message

This email was automatically generated by the Generate Incident Report action.
Message Id: <>
Sender: Jeff Guillet,
Subject: Test Message

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