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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Way to kill off a well-known brand. According to this article on the Office Blog, Microsoft marketing has decided to rename the well known Outlook Web App (OWA) to Outlook on the web (Ootw). Note the small "w" in web - don't want to be accused of making the web a Microsoft brand. Ootw just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Apparently Microsoft marketing gets paid by the consonant.

According to Scott Davis at Microsoft:
"The goal here is to simplify the branding and providing consistency across platforms. The brand is really just ‘Outlook’ – ‘on the web’ is simply a descriptor to help users understand which Outlook we are referring to. For example, we also have Outlook on iOS, Android and soon, Windows 10 Mobile. If you look in the App Store/Google Play, these apps are simply branded “Outlook”. In our marketing or help content, we may say Outlook on iOS, Outlook on Android, Outlook on the web, etc. But in each case, the brand is just Outlook. Most importantly, users in all cases will just see the Outlook brand when they are using the products."
With Outlook now being called just “Outlook” on Windows, iOS, Android, Windows modern app for Windows 10 (coming soon), look forward to many fun-filled support calls that go like this: “Are you running Outlook, Outlook, or Outlook?” “No, I’m running OUTLOOK.”

Utter #FAIL


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