AAD Connect 1.1.553 does not carry forward OU filtering settings during upgrade

Saturday, July 1, 2017
I normally update existing posts with updated information, but thought this was important enough to publish as a new one since so many of my customers use OU filtering with AAD Connect.

Microsoft updated the release notes for Azure Active Directory Connect 1.1.553.0 to include the following known issue:

Known issue

  • There is an issue that affects customers who are using OU-based filtering with Azure AD Connect sync. When you navigate to the Domain and OU Filtering page in the Azure AD Connect wizard, the following behavior is expected:
    • If OU-based filtering is enabled, the Sync selected domains and OUs option is selected.
    • Otherwise, the Sync all domains and OUs option is selected.
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The issue it is that the Sync all domains and OUs option is selected, even if OU-based filtering is enabled. Before saving any synchronization configuration changes in the wizard, make sure the Sync selected domains and OUs option is selected first. Otherwise, OU-based filtering will be disabled.
This only affects customers who use OU filtering in AAD Connect. Customers performing upgrades of AAD Connect (or any software) should always pay attention during the upgrade process and check their settings afterwards. It's expected that settings will carry over, but as you can see above, that's not always the case. Never assume anything.

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